Coventry Business School’s new Business Simulation Suite (BSS) utilises the latest business simulation software to give students the opportunity to improve their business skills. Students can develop through ‘hands-on’ learning in the purpose-built suite in the William Morris building.


Comprising three rooms, including an interactive Strategy Lab and a Boardroom Simulator, the BSS has been designed for the specific purpose of helping students to learn skills `hands-on` that they can take into the real world when they leave Coventry University.

Students can challenge themselves and gain experience, through simulation and learning, to smooth their path from the classroom to the workplace. The BSS allows for strategic problem solving in life-like simulated business environments, and integrates perfectly with the Faculty’s constant focus on student employability after graduation.

Experience and Learning

Through that resolute employability focus, students on many courses will find themselves learning to recognise new business contexts in BSS. This gives them the chance to `learn by doing` and will provide vital experience as they progress through interacting with both the technology, and with their peers in group exercises.

They can gain knowledge and skills by, for example, polishing their negotiation skills in the Boardroom Simulator or by practising strategic decision-making in the Strategy Lab.

Industry-Leading Software

Software licences offered by the BSS include LoFare Airlines, SimVenture, Soda Pop and Business Odyssey; with MIT – Management Simulation Games and Beer Distribution Game software freely available to everyone.

In addition to the simulation software, BSS offers specialist training with, for example, SAP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. 

Access to the Business Simulation Suite

The use of the BSS is prioritised for lectures, seminar workshops and other guided activites as indicated by the room reservation charts on the Suite doors. However, the Suite is available to all students for independant use during notified open access hours, when they can practice their skills either individually or in conjuction with the BSS Student Assocation. The open access hours are extended to cover the Business School opening times during the summer months when less teaching takes place in the BSS.