I am Mojtaba Ammari, senior lecturer in the academic development office. I have a BSc & MSc in Pure Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education. I have been actively involved in curriculum development internationally in the last 10 years. My current interest is in innovative methods of teaching, learning, and assessment in Higher Education. I am also very interested in Education for Sustainable Development and have been leading a working group of academic and professionals across faculties and professional services at Coventry University since 2017.

I am passionate about bringing authenticity to the university curriculum. I believe this will equip our graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to enter, engage, tackle and solve real-world problems. Authentic assessment is the best approach to provide opportunities in which students could develop those skills through peer and self-assessment. They can also have the chance of developing their evaluative judgment to evaluate the quality of their own work as well as the work of their peers.

In my group, I provided the opportunity for the group to spread the assessment points over the semester in a gradually progressive style in which they could cognitively challenge students. I encouraged the group to use techniques like simulations to bridge theory and practice and bring the real world into their classroom.