Coventry Law School is very proud to have it’s very own mock courtroom located centrally on campus, where our students can practice their legal skills in a realistic environment.

Law students can have their teaching sessions in the Moot Room, as well as the opportunity to get involved with our annual Mooting competition complete with gowns and wigs.

What is mooting?

A moot provides the setting of a court, where students act in the role of barristers, based on a legal scenario that they are given in advance. The mooters act in pairs, two for the appellants, and two for the respondents. The moot takes place in the ‘Court of Appeal’, with between one and three judges presiding and asking questions: in order to effectively answer a judge’s question, students need to be able to think on their feet and to know and understand their arguments and authorities inside out.

Court etiquette and dressing appropriately is as important in a moot as it would be in a real life court. Mooters wear full-length gowns and there is a public gallery, to make the moot as realistic as possible.