Coventry Business Schools Trading Floor incorporates the best analytical, news and data platforms into the teaching and learning environment to give students a first-hand experience of these industry-standard tools and enhance teaching and research.

The Trading Floor has 42 dual-screen Bloomberg terminals which makes it the biggest academic Trading Floor of its kind in Europe.

Teaching and Learning

The Trading Floor provides students across a range of departments in the Business School with the opportunity to learn in a highly professional facility using the best finance tools in the industry. Examples of some of the modules currently being taught in the Trading Floor are:

  • Bond Analysis using Bloomberg – (Postgraduate)
  • Investment Analysis using Thomson Reuters Eikon – (Postgraduate)
  • International Oil and Gas Trading – (Postgraduate)
  • Academic and Professional Skills in Finance – (Undergraduate)

There is also an opportunity for all second year undergraduates across the University, who have access to the Add+Vantage scheme, to study the ‘Financial Trading and Investment Using Bloomberg’ Add+Vantage module.

In addition, most of the modules taught in the Trading Floor give students the opportunity to go on and obtain Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters certifications for free.

For more information on how to use Bloomberg software, please download their user guide.


The Trading Floor gives students the opportunity to attain professional certifications from Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, which can give them a head-start in their career if they choose to work for finance and investment firms. 

Some of our students have also practiced the skills needed to become independent financial traders or work for smaller financial trading firms.

The Trading Floor also hosts workshops designed to aid students’ employability via the Global Leader’s Programme (GLP).


Students have opportunities to practice simulated trading and other finance-related activities using the various types of demo software available in the Trading Floor. 

Our student societies such as the Financial Trading Society and the Investment Society carry out a range of simulated trading activities in the Trading Floor weekly. 

Prospective undergraduate students are also given the opportunity to have a go at the simulated trading activities on Open Days.

Students on courses such as the BSc Finance and BA Finance and Investment also have the opportunity to participate in Online International Learning (OIL) projects with partner Universities across the world by engaging in real-time simulated trading activities with other students across the globe, thereby gaining further international exposure on their courses.